Hot Wheels for Wonder Woman

1396502046In honor of Women’s History Month, Hot Wheels is selling a new set of superhero cars for super women: Wonder Woman, The Wasp, Maz, and Black Widow.

The cars’ design and characters’ costumes are based on their most recent or most recognizable appearances. The Wonder Woman car and her costume is from her upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie role that hits theaters March 25th. Wonder Woman’s tiara is integrated into the auto design that features a red tinted windshield and golden stripes.

It’s great to see a toy company that usually sells only to boys, offer a line of Hot Wheels for girls. Not only do the cars look powerful, but they are painted in the bold, primary colors of superheroes—no pink or pretty pastels for these crime-busting vehicles. They are fierce and aggressive.

Will girls play with the Hot Wheel cars? I wonder if they will zoom-zoom them around the carpet and hold races with their friends. In a way, it doesn’t matter. Even if the women’s superhero cars become decoration on a young girl’s dresser, they will make a difference in how she thinks of herself. She has permission to be outrageous, courageous, and stand out in a crowd.

Maybe it’s time for girls to wear a new kind of tiara. Wonder Woman’s tiara can be used as a throwing weapon, similar to a boomerang, and as a cutting device. It is worn on the forehead like a headband, golden with a red star to show her status as princess. Formidable.

Let’s get in those March 2016 Hot Wheels and drive!



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